When you have nothing to say... list celebrities you've met...

Then maybe people will be dazzled and not notice you're a whack job...

I've met:

James Tolkan - aka Mr. Strickland from Back to the Future 1 and 2 and Marshall Strickland in BTTF 3 and The Commander in Top Gun.


Gil Gerard  aka Buck Rogers


Ernie Hudson!! - aka Winston from Ghostbusters, The Crow and a Ton of Other Stuff.  But mainly GHOSTBUSTERS!!


John Schneider - aka Bo Duke...  SWOON!!!  He's still just so hot.

Celebrities I haven't talked to but have breathed the same air as and have been within 20 feet of...

Patrick Stewart

Linda Hamilton

Lou Ferrigno

Adam West


Billy Dee Williams

Tom Hanks... we were at a museum in France together.  Well, not together...  but...  hey, whatever, it's technically right.  We were there together... at the same time...  together.

Now that you're totally distracted by how I had NOTHING to say...  this post is over.


Tracie said...

I was at a mall food court with Zachery Ty Bryan (the oldest kid from Home Improvement) once....well, there with him in the same sense that you were at a museum with Tom Hanks. lol

Amy said...

My husband nearly bumped right into Robin WIlliams in an airport. He was so startled he went "Oh!" and sort of pointed at him. Robin went "oh!" with the same look of surprised gasp and pointed back at him and kept walking.

CathiC said...

"No McFly has ever amounted to anything in the history of Hill Valley."
"Well, history is going to change."

Anthony Edwards bought me a drink once. Nice guy. Very down to earth.

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