Favorite Post of the Week #5

Friends, this was a heck of a week.  We had a trip to the emergency vet for Morgan.  Once we came home we had to clean up the mess that she had made before we ushered her out to the vet.  Then Wednesday night we came home and there was a mess from Wilma.  Though it was not nearly as alarming as Morgan's issues.   Last night we were out to dinner with my aunt and work has been crazy.  

All that to say that when I sat down at 8 last night to read through blog posts there were over 180 unread.  Needless to say, I didn't. 

LUCKILY, I didn't have to scan too far before I got bailed out...  by Spot from What Passes for Sane on a Normal Day and this post

Anyone who reads Spot's blog knows that her daughter Lu has been pregnant for about five years.  I mean that's what it feels like, anyway.   I'm sure to Lu more than anyone else.   But baby Dylan is finally here.   And I'm so happy for them all.  For Luke and Lu, for Spot and Mike who are now grandparents (and I just have to say how happy I am that Mike was able to BE there... he had a horrid accident a while back and man, it was just bad) and Sean is now an uncle.  And he's hot.  I don't know how old he is, so I could be some gross old lady saying he's hot...  but he is.  Sorry Spot, but it's true.  You're his mom.  You know you have a good looking son.  

So thank you, Lu, for popping out that kid.  You made it easy for me during a tough week for my to find my favorite post of the week.


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