BlogHer.... 13

Today I read this post by Casey over at Moosh In Indy.  First off, I love this blog and its author.  It's one of those blogs that I was planning to write about in the future, but as she wrote that post today, which has inspired THIS post...  I'll just talk about her now.

For years Casey and her husband had one beautiful daughter, Addie, and then found themselves face to face with what I can only guess was a painfully long bout of infertility.  Lo and behold, after probably all but giving up hope, they found themselves expecting.  A few months ago... 6 days before MY birthday (I was so hoping for a May 10th baby, but it seems like people just don't care what *I* want anymore... I mean, come on) little Miss Vivienne showed up to join the rest of us on this crazy spinning disco ball of life.  Casey writes with love, and passion and so much heart.  You can't help but be drawn in.  I've been reading Moosh In Indy for probably the last year and I'm sure I will enjoy her writing and her family for many more.

That being said.  She wrote the aforementioned post today and has made me want to go to BlogHer.   Let me tell you why.  That person she described...  that person who would feel left out the whole weekend, would spend it alone and come home sullen and feeling marginalized and bitter?  Yeah, that would have SO been me. I don't think so anymore. Her post opened my eyes to the fact that if I came home feeling that way, I'd have no one to blame but me... and I never thought of it that way. But she's right. She really gave me some perspective today.

The past two BlogHers I've sat by and read blogs leading up to it and thought, "Oh my GOSH, would you talk about something else... PLEASE?"  BlogHer 9 found me the author of Extraordinarily Ordinary, a blog I wrote but didn't feel passionate about.  I eventually shut it down and didn't blog for about 6 months.  I missed it terribly.

At the time of BlogHer 10, I was who I am now.  Hamlet's Mistress.  A new blog just 10 days old.  In fact my post during BlogHer 10 was What I Did While NOT at BlogHer 10.  It doesn't get much more bitter jealous than that, does it?

Next year, we're planning a pretty big trip to Orlando for the National Delorean Car Show, so I don't think I'll be able to see my way clear to afford BlogHer next year.  But BlogHer 13?  It's on.  I'm going.  I hope it's somewhere awesome.   Like...  Chicago.  No, I've been to Chicago.  Um, Seattle.  Yeah, maybe Seattle.  But I hate rain.

You know what?  I don't care.  I'm there.  Just not Philly, please.  I've lived 40 minutes from Philly my whole life.  I'd like to go somewhere new.

So, BlogHer 13 it's on.  Who's with me?


Txtingmrdarcy said...

I'm in! (and if Blogher '12 is somewhere cool, I could find myself there as well. Maybe. Possibly. Eep.)

Amy said...

I know, right? I was just thinking that. I did the math and it would be like $800 for hotel and pass. And if it was somewhere I could drive (or carpool... hint, hint) then it COULD be possible.

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