The secret of popping your eye color...

The secret is in the color wheel

To make your eye color really pop, find the closest approximation to your eye color and use liners and shadows on the opposite side of the wheel.  For example green eyes really stand out with liners and shadows in the purple family.  See??

Blue eyes?  Brown eye liner and shadow.

Brown eyes?  Blue is the way to go.

Hazel eyes...  pinkish hues..

There's always talk of what colors are "in" for makeup for a particular season.

But just pop your eye color.  THAT is always in style.

10 Things I Love Today

1. This post by Allie at Hyperbole and a Half. Because I've read it half a dozen times and laughed just a much the 6th time as I did the first.

2. My cat, Henry, because he's a once in a lifetime cat.

3. This post by Aunt Becky at Mommy Wants Vodka, because while I do post anonymously pretty much, I'm coming "out of the closet" more and more all the time. Like I have no problem saying my name. It's Amy Silknitter, by the way. And most everyone who reads this... already knew that. :) (Note to self: Go through past posts and delete any potentially harmful ones... like right now.)

4. Anew Rejuvenate Skin Care Set for 30+. Prior to becoming an Avon rep, I used NO Avon products. So, I don't think I'm tooting my own horn or anything by saying that this set? Amazing. My skin has never felt so good or been so soft and just looked so healthy. The price tag right now is full price, but I'm thinking around May 29th, you're going to see it on sale. There's also a two-week trial size at a much smaller price.

5. Fashion Bug. Seriously, love this store. Used my $100 gift card today. Got a dress, 2 shrugs, a camisole, a skirt and a top for $115. Love. Pretty much my entire wardrobe is Fashion Bug.

6. Band Back Together this place is amazing. The people who run it are amazing and the people working behind the scenes are amazing. Myself excluded because I've been a bit of a slacker. But darnit, I wear my With The Band shirt every chance I get to advertise!!

7. This girl and her man, because they're taking strides to work together on their life and their relationship and not just throwing in the towels and calling it quits. I love her for her honesty and for putting it out there bare, for everyone to see. I got a good feeling about those two crazy kids.

8. I love my best friend, Jess, because she taught me how to properly code a button so I could put an ad on Aunt Becky's site to hopefully draw sales to my Avon page so I can ... oh wait... I put my real name out there, didn't I? Um... so I can, make just a little extra money... yeah.

9 Weekends. Enough said.

10. Prednisone and Amoxicillin, which brought you this post because I feel more back to normal than I have in two weeks. Or at least, my closest approximation of normal, which is really the best I can hope for. Even on my best day. And that's ok.

Have an awesome week everyone!!

The Hundred No Challenge

I've taken it on.  In order to grow my fledgling Avon business I've decided to start and complete the hundred no challenge.  The goal?  Get 100 "No's" in one month.  Starting tomorrow through 6/15 I will be striving to get 100 people to say no to me in some aspect of the business.  Either wanting a catalog, going on my customer list to receive email updates about specials and sales or becoming a recruit.  I could potentially get 3 "No"s from one attempt!  Obviously, the goal is that there will be a number of "Yes"s scattered amongst the  "No"s.

I'm so up for it and ready!!   

I might be asking for your "No" before you know it.

Oh and also?  The new campaign has started with a whole new set of items on sale and on special.   Check out the 24KT Gold eyeshadow  quad.  It doesn't come around often.  Most always sells out and is in HUGE demand.  Get yours before they're gone.  The entire 24kt gold collection is on sale now and can all be yours for just over $17!!  (left side of page)

Order online and orders arrive at your door.  Over $30 order?  No Shipping.

Check out everything the new Avon has to offer.

They say it's your birthday... it's my birthday, too, yeah!

I turned 33 today.  Thirty-three.  I can't say I'm happy about it.  But I can't say I'm all that upset, either.  I thought today was going to be a lot harder than it was.  Every year since 30 has been hard.  I guess I expected them to get progressively worse.   But, it wasn't terrible.

The only part of the day I loathed was cake time in the conference room.   I'm 33... now... the next oldest person I work with is 49.  So today, just like every year, when we were all there and someone said, how old are you?  And I replied with 33... just like every year, the whole room groaned.  "33?!?"  "Oh, I WISH I was 33"  "Oh, you're such a BABY!"   You know what?  Shut the hell up.  I'm sorry you're old.  Really.  But shut the everloving hell up.

Yes, I'm 33.  Yes you're ALL old enough to be my mom.  True, for some of you I'd be an unwanted, unexpected pregnancy at 16...  but you're still old enough to be my mom.  And the rest of you??? Legitimately old enough to be my mom.  Like without whispers and gossip behind your back.

It's as though somehow the things I feel that I have failed at, haven't accomplished or just flat out haven't even tried to do that I've wanted to do long before now don't matter because I still have PLENTY OF TIME.  How old do I have to be before someone is like, "You're right, you'd better get on the ball."  I guess I should feel good that all these people still think the world is my oyster, but you know, it doesn't feel like that.  It feels like the tide has gone out long ago and I'm late to the beachcombing party and all the oysters are gone.

Luckily, the talk of being SO YOUNG didn't last long.  After that it turned to the couple people who are turning 50 soon and have to schedule their first colonoscopies.  And I know that's spelled wrong and none of the suggestions are the right word...  and you know what?  I'm too young to care how to spell it so HA!!  Want to know something else??  I don't even have to schedule my first mammogram for another 7 years.  So SUCK IT!!

Hmmm...  I seem to be an angry 33 year old.   Maybe I'll get more done than I did as a complacent, don't ruffle any feathers 32 year old.  This could be fun.