Favorite Post of the Week #3

This week found me SERIOUSLY upping my blog reading list.  For this purpose alone, my Favorite Post of the week.   I can say with 100% certainty that I HATE blogs that are just the beginning few lines and then you have to leave the reader and go to the site to finish.  Maybe it's not super inconvenient on the computer, but I read the majority of the blogs on my phone...  and you know what?  Inconvenient.   So I don't.   So there are a few blogs that I'm SURE are good...  maybe even great.   But I don't have the time, patience and desire to "click through" to the real post.   So yeah.   A few blogs will probably never end up here just because of that. 

But now for the important stuff.   My favorite post of the week this week comes from MamaRobinJ of Farewell, Stranger.  She's @MamaRobinJ on Twitter and Farewell, Stranger on Facebook.  Her post from this week that I found to be the most captivating of all posts I've read...  which is A LOT... is this one, written yesterday.   I read a post on Monday from someone else and I had THAT post in mind all week and it became the post I measured all others against.  No one came close until I read this post last night.  It's a post of hope, of ownership, of taking back the reigns of one's life and putting yourself back in the driver's seat.   I wish MamaRobinJ well and am inspired by her.  I do not suffer with depression, anxiety, ocd, bipolar disorder or any of the like...  but I've got STUFF.  We've ALL got STUFF.  At one time or another we all let that STUFF dictate our course of action and let it control us instead of vice-versa.   Her post of reclaiming the decision-making task in her life makes me all the more confident to do the same.   I am more than the sum total of my Stuff.    So are you.  And so is MamaRobinJ. 

Thank you, MRJ, for a wonderful post.


MamaRobinJ said...

Wow, this is... it's just such a huge honour. Thank you so much. That post is one that just came out and when it was done I knew it was true. Thank you for highlighting it. That really means a lot to me.

Cristi Comes said...

Her post captivated me too. It's so beautifully written and full of empowerment. Go Robin! Well deserved selection. :)

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