Giveaway Winner!!!

I could not be more delighted to announce the winner of the watch giveaway.  

I used which produced the following:









Which corressponds to THIS:


So, Chib-ster.   Email me at with your full name and address.   I will be ordering your watch tonight when I put in my bi-weekly Avon order, I'll have it in my hot little hands on Thursday and I'll ship it out to you Saturday. 

***This watch and other fine products are for sale at My Avon Store!!!  With direct shipping right to your home!***

And keep your eyes pealed for more future giveaways!!  

Congrats, Chibi!!!  And thank you to everyone else.


Chibi Jeebs said...


So friggin' fraggin' excited! THANK YOU! :D


Txtingmrdarcy said...

Yay Chibi! Blingy fun for you! :)

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