The Stay-cation that was an inspiration...

I have just wound up a mini vacation...  in addition to having Monday off, Tom and I also took off yesterday and today.  And as it is now 5:17pm...  my mini vacation is over.  We didn't go anywhere, didn't do anything in particular.  In essence we did nothing.  *I* did nothing...  and to quote one of my favorite movies, "It was everything that I thought it could be."

I mean, yes, I did the normal stuff that needs doing.  Laundry, etc.  But my God...  there was TIME to do it.   and I've noticed a few things.

I am not:

- Tired

- Stressed

- Unhappy

- Angry

- Miserable

I AM however:

- relaxed

- rested

- content

AND because of this time I've had to pay attention to stuff I never have time to pay attention to:

- my house is clean

- I lost 4 pounds this week.

Yeah.  Um.   The working thing?  Outside of the home?  Gone for 13 hours a day every day?  It's not working.  For me.  And I need to figure out what to do about it.  Because there's still a mortgage to pay and bills that arrive each month...  unforgiving, un-understanding bills that have to be paid over and over.  So money is necessary.

So I'm thinking about what I could do.   And then...  a novel idea just popped into my head out of nowhere... for a novel.  One that I think could actually be good and that I might actually WRITE.  And more importantly... FINISH.  Cuz God knows, I've started like 6 different books.  But this one??  It just seems to fit.  So I'm going to start it.   Tonight.

Of course this inspiration struck on the last day of NOT being at work which means I go back to the horrible daily grind tomorrow...  but I'm going to do what I can.

I'm excited and who knows...  maybe it'll be good.  Maybe?  It'll even be published.  And then MAYBE?  A few million people may buy it and THEN???  I won't have to work outside the home.  Because honestly?   I'm not cut out for it.

Not in the least.


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