Favorite Post of the Week #2

Or should I say posts...  it's a tie this week.  Yes, it is.  It's my blog and my idea.  THEREFORE, IT'S ALLOWED.

The first is just so sweet I couldn't pass it up.  And oh how I love watching this little girl grow in pictures.  I mean not in THIS post.  She's the same size in all these pictures.  But since she's been born it's just been awesome.  I love this blog.

Funtivities for the Fourth

The second post made me laugh right out loud.  Not a cute chuckle or a little giggle either.  A full blown "HAAA!" That made the dogs jump, scared my Romeo cat right off my lap while inflicting a couple scratches to his momma's knee and made Tom actually say, "What's so funny?"  Normally he ignores my outbursts and just assumes I'm reading more of those pesky blogs by people I don't know.  But when I read this one to him, it got an, albeit small, guffaw out of him, too.

Frat House Tales:  Who's Type A?

So there they are folks...  this week's Amy's favorite post(s) of the week!


Txtingmrdarcy said...

Awww, that's me! Shucks. Glad that Tom liked it too. :)

Veronica ChunkyMonkey said...

Thanks for the love! It's good to know someone besides my mother-in-law enjoys my pictures of Josie. :)

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