A little of this, a little of that...

First and foremost, Justin Timberlake is a tool.  He went on national TV completely inebriated...  patronized Joe Buck and praised beer.  Like a ridiculous amount.  It was just stupid.  I've never been a huge JT fan, but now I can honestly say I just don't like him at all.   I would love to post a link to the video on YouTube but Major League Baseball has removed all the footage of it.   But here's a picture...  it's worth ALMOST a thousand words.



Can I just say how much I miss summer vacation?  It's one of those things I wish I appreciated more when I had it.  Seriously.  I would be thrilled for like the first two weeks and then the remaining 8 or whatever it was, I was bored out of my mind.  What a stupid child I was.  Stupid.  


My husband's boss is demanding we get our car washed.   Let me say it again...  my husband's BOSS is DEMANDING we get OUR car washed.  My husband is a shop manager at an Audi/Porsche shop.  Now, if the car sat there all day for customers to see, I MIGHT understand... however, we carpool and the car is at MY work all day,  Every day.  It's there for two minutes in the morning when I drop my husband off and it's there at the end of the day long after their last customer has left.   It's reached ridiculous levels.  He says something about it every day and now he's demanding it.  He's not even AT the shop yet and he called in to my husband to see if the car got washed last night.  I'm sorry...  but that's just asinine.  I'm so ready to text the guy and be like - IT'S OUR CAR.  At this point I want to not wash it just on principle. 


Lastly, it's July 13th...  my husband's sister's wedding is August 6th.  I think it's safe to say at this point we are OFFICIALLY not invited.  

That is all.


Nicole, the Queen of this life said...

WOW! Your husband's boss is weirdo! What business is it of his what you guys do with your CAR!? Ugh. This whole "boss's in our personal lives" business is ridiculous.

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