Today's the day!!

Holy crap, ya'll.  I didn't know "before 10am" even existed on the weekend.  It's not even EIGHT yet and I'm up.  Yes, I'm in my bathroom.  Not dressed or anything.  But I'm CONSCIOUS, which is AMAZING.  I have  roughly a little over 7 hours until my husband comes back in the door.  I have one errand to run but other than that I will be here and focused.  Although focusing has never been my strong suit.

I was going to take before and after pictures to show you what I get done today, but the reasons I can't are two-fold....  1.  my husband took the Audi which our camera was in so, I just can't and sketching it out would just take up way too much of my short time and 2.  I have no desire to be that mortified when it doesn't involve me running through stopped traffic naked....  in a dream. 

So I must get working, people.  And today around 2:30 when the Penn State game is in its 3rd quarter, I have a feeling I'll be watching it through my eyelids.... 

On and on a side note...  The Flyers opened training camp yesterday!!  HELLS YEAH!!

Hamlet's Mistress


Don said...

What a shame that you didn’t have your camera to take photos of yourself while “Not dressed or anything.” that you could share with your readers if you were so bold.

Apparently, the devil must have made me say this. :-)

I hope you weren’t too disappointed in the reception your Penn State team got from my Alabama Crimson Tide when they met in Tuscaloosa. I admire Papa Joe --- a GREAT coach with an outstanding career record.

hamletsmistress said...

Alabama has a great team. It was no less than I expected. Yesterday was fun to watch.

JoePa is practically a saint in PSU-land. I was in school when he had his 300th win. I'll never forget being there to see it.


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