Must-Do Monday #2

It's that time again.  Tim to confess my slackerness on the prior week and set up some tasks to do this week.   So here goes!

Last week my goes were threefold. 

1.  Clean the bedroom. - Done - YAY!

2.  Buy my yarn for the froggie hooded blanket I need to make that I'm getting paid for. - Done - YAY!

3.  Lose 2 pounds.  - Didn't happen.

So the two main things got done.  The third I just threw in on a whim. 

So this week...   tasks are:

1.  Buy drain cleaner for sink and tub in bathroom because my God, I cannot stand them backing up.  And they do.  Horribly.

2.  Keep bedroom tidy - because cleaning up has never been my problem.  Keeping it that way has.  

3.  Do not spend any more money out of the checking account until payday (the 24th).  I got that walking around money out for a reason when I deposited my last check..  When that's gone...  it's gone.  If that means I have $58 to get me through 10 days of lunches, so be it.  Maybe I can talk the Mr. into us going grocery shopping this coming weekend.  (yes we grocery shop together).

4.  Get kitchen sink dish free and keep it that way.  

My husband has a photo assignment this weekend, so that will give me a chance to really get some work done in the house.  I'm excited.  I hate cleaning when he's there and since we're always together, he's always there when I'm there.  I already can't wait for Saturday and hopefully next Monday I'll have a whole crapload of stuff to tell you all I got done.  

Hamlet's Mistress


Txtingmrdarcy said...

We grocery shop together too. This makes it a: less stabby and b: more fun.

Also, we're gross. ;)

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