Free to be Me Friday - Mel Gibson can suck it.

Seriously, he's totally messed up my happy movie viewing life.  I cannot stand to watch him at this point.  Some of the movies I like the most?  The ones that if you're flipping channels and they are on, you stop and watch because it's just. that. good. are his.  Well now that's all screwed up.  Like Ransom.  I love the movie Ransom.  Because of equal parts Mel, Gary Sinise and all the talk of the original Time Machine.  Love it.  It's a stop clicker for sure.  The Leathal Weapons...   and The Patriot, the American version of Braveheart.  And DON'T get me started on Braveheart....  that was a nice rainy Sunday morning movie to pop in the DVD player and just get lost in the music and the cinematography and the story.  

All ruined, because he just disgusts me now.  Don't get me wrong, I wasn't thrilled with his anti-Semetic rant awhile back...  but there are things we all think that we know we should never say.  Maybe not such sensitive and overly offensive things, but things none the less and when we're drunk...  well, the gloves come off.  Believe me, I know.  Drinking, Amy and secrets don't go together all that well...  at. all.   That being said I don't condone the whole anti-Semitism, Holocaust denyingthing  I could semi pass it off as being drunk and not guarding his thoughts better. 

But THAT along with the stuff that happened a month or so ago.  I'm just done, I think.  I didn't realize it until Ransom was on TV about a week or two ago and I so wanted to watch it, because I love it...  but I just couldn't.  I couldn't watch him and not hear his screaming and heavy breathing and just out and out hysteria.  And I will admit his ex-girlfriend on the phone was completely pushing buttons and egging him on, but come-on, Mel...  you're a grown ass man.  Control your emotions.

So yeah...  there's like 6 or 7 movies taken out of the "stop and watch" rotation.   OH and What Women Want...  that's such a fun movie.  Ruined.  

Thanks, Mel.    You have no idea how much you've inconvenienced me.  Dick. 

Hamlet's Mistress (luckily I always hated your version of Hamlet....  so no loss there.  At least try to FAKE a British accent for the love of God...  it's like watching Kevin Coster in Robin Hood).


heather said...

i know, right?! he's so talented as a film maker and actor, but it's hard to look past what a prick he really is. plus, i found out last week that i have a jewish relative on one side of the family. that probably means i have to carry a grudge against him for a while, which shouldn't be a problem.

P.S. Jones @The Bitch Blog said...

Never been a huge Mel Gibson fan, but I feel the same way about Angelina Jolie. I really enjoyed some of her work: Gia, Girl Interrupted, Mr and Mrs Smith, etc. But after all the media circus around her and her family, I just can't watch a movie she's in anymore because she's not an actress to me anymore. She's that chick with four million kids who stole Jennifer Aniston's husband and forced her to endure John Mayer.

At least I'm fairly certain she's never punched out Brad and demanded oral sex. So maybe I can go back to watching her movies someday.

hamletsmistress said...

I think you're bound by blood then to carry that grudge for at least 7 years. Oh wait.. that's the length of time for bad luck if you break a mirror. I think you're looking at more like 40 years.

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