The Best Laid Plans...

I guess I shouldn't use that as a title.  Yesterday was mildly successful.  My family room is beautiful again and my dining room is 95% beautiful. However, as with most things I try to plan it became foiled by my own clumsiness. At one point I was stepping over the treadmill with a pile of framed photos in my hands and forgetting that there was a collapsed box on the floor on the other side of the treadmill (my husband is a big ebayer so boxes and bubble wrap are all over... or were before yesterday) and when I stepped over, my front foot landed on the box, which slid forward and I ended up almost falling... photos went everywhere and my back foot... the one that was still on the other side of the treadmill ended up hitting the treadmill with swift velocity right on the ankle. It seemed ok for awhile. Numb at first and I kept working in the house for about another half hour to 45 minutes. Then? My ankle started to throb and I looked down and it had swollen to another half size bigger and was hella painful. So I had to sit for awhile with ice on it and then a splitting headache started up. So that was about the end of the cleaning and began the day of watching the Penn State game and hanging out with my husband when he got home and then watching The Wedding Date/Phillies game and then Miss Congeniality.

But I am happy with what I did get done and next week he has another photo assignment so whatever I don't get done this week I can finish up Saturday. Although, that would include the kitchen... maybe I should avoid the knives.

Hamlet's Mistress


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