The Joy of Writing

This post inspired by this post by Jana and this one by Tracie.  

I love writing.  I do.  Like the actual act of putting pen to paper and pulling words from my head and putting them down in print.  Or cursive as the case may be.

My words flow more easily from a pen than through a keyboard.  I should probably hand-write every blog post first.  I don't - obviously.  This one I am.

This has been written in the Target dining area.  As I listen to ladies talking over lunch and a baby babbling, I write.

It must look odd.  To my right and in front of me the only other 2 solo diners poke away at their android phones.  My writing probably seem archaic almost.  But I?  I just feel at peace amongst all the hub-bub because when I write... physically write... I am in a world wholly of my own making.

No one can tell me it's wrong or inconsiderate or say there's something I forgot or something I really need to add.  It's mine.  And while, yes, some of what I will write will end up here on my blog for all to see... there will be other things.  Things that are just mine.  Things that I keep for me.

I don't know the things I'm going to put down in this book... with this pen.  All I really know is it'll be me.  For me.  And that's more than just a little something.

It's everything.


From Tracie said...

I love this SO Much!!

The writing. The peace you find in the midst of a public room. The freedom to share some words and keep some words just for you. That is beautiful!

AND you write in cursive. Which makes me smile!

jana0926 said...

I love it! Aren't sharpie pens the bombdiggity? What a lovely handwriting you have. The soon-to-be-lost-art-of-cursive :)

Anonymous said...

This is so very elegant, Amy! The photo, your beautiful handwriting, the peace and joy that words your express. Love it!

Hamlet's Mistress said...

Tracie - Thank you. It felt so good to WRITE. And I love writing in cursive. :)

Jana - Sharpie Pens ARE, in fact, the bombdiggity.

Cathi - Thank you so much. :)

Anonymous said...

So true. So very very true. I have a journal that holds all of my deepest emotions that I wouldn't dare share with the internet. I hold them just for me because that's the only person that needs them. Your sharpie pen in the picture instantly made me smile because those are the type I use at work and heaven help the soul that tries to swipe it. :)

jessicabold said...

Writing with a pen is definitely seems like your thoughts are different writing on a piece of paper versus looking at a computer screen...or maybe that's just me? Either way, love this!! (and your handwriting!!)

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