BlogHer 12... or bust?

So the announcement was made during BlogHer11 that BlogHer12 is going to be in NYC.  And I know a ton of people are like "ho-hum NYC...  been there... done that... that's SO last year..."  And while I will be the first to admit that 1.  NYC terrifies me and 2.  It's nowhere to be in August, it being in NYC means one thing.   I'm going.  See, I'm down here outside of Philly and NYC is just a train ride away.  So while some will have to by cross country plane tickets...  I will have to spend $100 on a round trip train ticket.  WOOT!

But here's the thing.  Here is my deep seeded fear which was somewhat quelled today*.   I am terrified that I'm too fat for any cab drivers to pick me up and take me from Penn Station to the appointed BlogHer festivity area.  Yeah I know, they don't care, they just want money.  And I SO get that...  intelligently.  But self-consciously...  I'm totally going to be trapped at Penn Station for 3 days seeking out a single BlogHer badge of ANYONE that I can latch on to.  I just know it.  And no one will come by and I'll just be there sleeping in the bathroom and crying about the psycho trying to beat down the door while I hold my young son and cry.  Oh wait, I'm not Will Smith and don't have a son and know how to spell "Happiness" though am not sure how to pursue it..  but be that as it may I picture coming home and my husband asking how it was and being all, "Shut up, I never got out of the train station."

But all that to say that 1.  I'm STOKED it's in NYC next year and 2.  I need to lose weight if I want to partake in the festivities of BlogHer rather than not being allowed to step foot outside the station because my hometown has undergone a coup and 3.  I watch too many movies that take place in terminals plane, train or otherwise.  I do hope the train doesn't go under 70 miles per hour or I'm pretty sure that baby's gonna blow.

Blogher12...  here I come.

*I received a tweet reply today from Brooke of TxtingMrDarcy that she will be my train partner.  She's my closest geographic blogging buddy and we can go together!!  So either we'll both get to BlogHer or we'll have a grand time at Penn Station.


Anonymous said...

You'll go and you'll have a great time! Although you and Brooke must blog about your adventures on the train. Getting there will be more than half the fun!

Anonymous said...

We are NOT getting stuck at Penn Station. We are going to Sparklecorn and dancing our glittery asses off!

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