It's that time again... BlogHer@Home

I wish I'd known about BlogHer@Home last year.  Of course at that time Hamlet's Mistress was in her infancy and I didn't really get the whole BlogHer thing.  Now I do.  and now I'm keenly aware that I'm not there.  Next year it's in New York which is a train ride away...  so I'm thinking I'll make it to that one.  Which would be awesome.

But that's next year.  This year there's a BlogHop, a chat tomorrow night and GIVEAWAYS!! And who doesn't love THOSE?  Am I right?  Of course I am.  I will be providing one of the giveaways.  I don't know exactly what, yet.  I just know it'll be awesome.  So I need to figure that out.

If you're here because of the BlogHop...  WELCOME!  I hope you'll find something here that will make you want to come back.  I don't write about any specific thing...  I don't have kids...  I have animals and a husband.   My main goal in life right now is to move out of our too small home into a bigger home and expand our family with some children that aren't covered in fur... HOPEFULLY!!  Unless something goes terribly genetically awry.   That's the main reason for the Avon business.  To help us get to somewhere else just a bit quicker.  The clock is loud and it never. stops. ticking.

I'm so looking forward to visiting the other blogs on the BlogHop tomorrow.  I'm always looking for more material for my Favorite Post of the Week.  

I lead an online book club and an online healthy living forum.  Two separate forums not just one with dual purposes because that would be weird.  We always love new members at both.  And the book club is between books right now so it's a perfect time.

Hm, what else?  That's probably good enough for now.  Like I said I hope some of you will come back again and again.  I love people tons.  I will try to make a personal connection with almost anyone.  It's just me.  I'm not the standoffish type.  You've been warned.

Oh and my name's Amy.   Hi.

Here is my Avon store.  Order direct to your home.  Orders over $30 have free shipping.


PrincessJenn said...

So glad you're joining us this year!!!

tehamy said...

Stopping by from the blog hop! I'm excited to connect with lots of new people!

Amanda said...

Hi Amy :)

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