Band Nerd for Life... apparently...

So awhile ago my high school band director posted some news on Facebook.  He was leaving the school where he'd been a band director for YEARS, my school, and going to another school.  And not just ANY other school, but my school's rival.  In football, in band... we always seemed to be one step behind this school.  We just couldn't get by them.  It was all very political and orchestrated.  I mean their band could have taken the field in street clothes and no instruments and still come in above us in the final rankings at band competitions.  Not because we were so bad... but just because that's how it always was.  Always.   Even back to when my brother was in the band that other band always came in above.  

I adored my band director.  I thought he was just the bee's knees and I wish him well, of course (shut up, I DO!).  But oh my gosh.  When I read that on Facebook, it was like a DAGGER.  Seriously?  THERE?  Of anywhere you could go...  THERE?   It just feels...  wrong.  Like a betrayal.   Like Arlen Spector becoming Democrat, like Charlie Manuel going over to manage the Mets, like Andy Reid going to coach the Cowboys...  or Giants...  (actually that wouldn't be so bad...  it'd be nice to know another team would never win), like McCartney teaming up with Jagger.    Just...   wrong.  

So yeah, I may be fifteen years out of high school, but the band geek in me is still alive and kicking.  


Charisse said...

I TOTALLY understand what you mean. Recently, I found out that a hs acquaintance married another hs acquaintance a couple years older than us. That was all fine and dandy until....dunh dunh dunh....I learned that he taught band at our rival school. I was a marching band girl all the way. The (now) band director was one of our high school drum majors. How could he defect over to the other school? UGH! Blasphemy!!

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