What I did while not at BlogHer10 tonight.

1.  Had a less than good dinner at a local pizza place.  There were onions in my salad...  ONIONS!  Ugh.  Ruined the whole thing.

2.  Played with me dogs.

3.  Watched the Phillies finish out their sweep against the Marlins.  Watched Choooooooooch save the day again.  Love him.  Love.

3  Interspersed with the Phillies, watched Knocked up.  The totally edited and therefore kinda lame version.

4.  Wrote this. 

5.  And now my Henry cat wants to play fetch, so I must go...  will the thrills EVER STOP???

So what did you do tonight while you weren't at BlogHer 10.  You know, the 7 others of you that aren't there...

Living it up here at home....    Hamlet's Mistress


Brooke said...

1. Shopped for shelves for new studio.
2. Did not buy ridiculously expensive shelves for new studio.
3. Ate much salad at Ruby Tuesdays near shelf not-buying place.
4. Returned home to hang more drywall in new studio.
5. Ignored family while twittering #HomeHer10.
6. Went to bed.
7. Woke up and read this ... where's my tea? Construction workers need tea.

Gwen said...

Wait, there was a conference other than #HomeHer10?

hamletsmistress said...

Yeah, who knew... right??

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