Extenuating Circumstances

I hate insurance companies. I do. I know it's my job and I know my job makes them richer, but I do everything I can to make sure I put clients with good companies that I trust. When I can I put people with the company that has the red device you use for rain. That's who I have and I love the company. They're great. But the lengths that insurance companies go to in order to come out on top and the cold way they handle things sometimes just blows my mind.

Here's the story that happened in our office today:

We insured a commercial client sometime in the last 5 years. They left our agency to go elsewhere and now they are going somewhere else to get a quote. They called us today and said that an accident was showing up on his record from when he was with us (we had him with the company whose logo is Harry Potter's Patronus) that was being categorized as "At Fault" but he said he believed in his heart it should be reclassified to "Not At Fault" because of the circumstances.

So the rep in our office asked what the details were. The guy was driving his work truck with a guy who was his friend (emphasis on the WAS) when the passenger reached over and started trying to kill the him. He lost control, you know, due to being strangled, and hit a fire hydrant. The guy has documentation, a police report, a medical report and an ex-friend in prion for attempted murder. Even after our office pleading with The Hartford, they will not change the classification. They said that whether or not the man was being killed is irrelevant, he lost control and hit the fire hydrant.

Jackassery. You can illegally park your car and if someone hits it because they don't expect it to be there, you are considered to be not at fault for the accident, but if someone is actively trying to choke the life out of you, I'm sorry, that's not good enough of an excuse.

Shaking her head at the corporate douchebaggedness of it all.... Hamlet's Mistress


Mary said...

Wow. That is douchebaggery. But not unusual for insurance companies. Heaven forbid they actually retain their humanity.

I used to work as an insurance defense paralegal. Unfortunately, I find this scenario all to easy to believe. And I know which winged horse logo company I will never do business with.

hamletsmistress said...

I don't know which company has the winged horse. The company referenced here is a stag.

I want to get out of insurance so very badly. But I've done this for 6 years. I'm basically qualified for nothing else. I'm stuck.

Thanks for stopping in and commenting! I love new readers!


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