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I was doing some reading today about what makes a blog interesting for others to read.  Of all the different things I read one thing was resoundingly clear.  Write what you know.  You know what I know?  My animals.  I have a bunch of them.  5 to be exact.  Two of the canine variety and 3 of the feline type. 

Two of our cats don't get along and have to live in separate areas of the house.  The one almost killed the other, but since we have the means to separate them, we made the decision to not get rid of any of them.  We have no kids, they are our kids, we couldn't give any of them up. 

Our dogs are just about the laziest dogs on the planet.  They eat, they drink, they poop.  They sleep.  A lot.  That's about it. 

We have two cats brimming with personality, the same two that don't get along, and one with zero personality except that she always wants petted.  Always.  She's like...  generic.   I adore her.  

So here they are in order of acquisition starting with the cat I got before I got married when I moved out of my parents' house.  He's the killer cat.   Romeo.

He looks so innocent, doesn't he???

The next one we brought in was Sophie, the generic kitty I mentioned earlier.  She is the most loving cat ever, but really only if you're petting here.  If you call her name and want to pet her she will tear from one side of the house to the other to get to you and so long as you pet her,, she'll stay.  She's wary of strangers.  She'll hide the duration of the visit.  It makes my husband and I feel good, really, that she loves us and trusts us.  She is beautiful.  Here's Sophie.

She and Romeo love each other very much.  Now, the next one we adopted from the front porch of our apartment where he was born, Romeo does NOT like.  But we cherish this cat more than I can even say.  He is a once in a lifetime cat.  He's so smart and so playful and amazingly affectionate.   He's our super monkey cat, Henry. Here he is now and as a kitten.

The cats are aged one right after the other over a 3 year time period.  It was really like we went through a phase where we always had to have a kitten in the house.  Luckily, we got over that.  Because holy, crap, we'd have like 4 more cats by now.

Two years ago we bought our house and it has a partially fenced in yard, so clearly a dog was the next thing we wanted.  We started living her August 1st of 2008.  We got Morgan the 14th.  Her family couldn't keep her and she was free and her name was GAG! Savannah.  She was 2 when we got her and she didn't respond to her name at. all.  And we hated the name so we renamed her Morgan.  She seems to like it.  She knows it and responds to it.  She is lovely.  She's a Beagle/Basset mix...  at least we think so.  Here she is in all her sad-faced beauty.

She was a very happy dog for a couple weeks.  And then she changed.  She barely would move.  She didn't play.  Nothing.  She had come from a home with 3 kids and we were thinking she maybe missed them.  So we did some research and Bassets are pack dogs and she was missing her pack.  We work, so it was clear she needed a friend.  Enter Wilma.  We got her two months after we got Morgan.  We got her from a breeder, she was a retired momma dog doomed to live out her life with the breeder.  And don't get me wrong, they have a wonderful set up and the dogs are very happy, but we knew we could make her happy, too, and Morgan, who we took with us to meet her, LOVED HER.  So Wilma came home with us.   Here's a couple pictures of her.

She is a VERY happy dog.  Her tail never stops wagging and she never stops with the kisses.  And Morgan immediately did a 180 degree change.  Immediately.  It was an instantaneous change back to the dog she was when we met her. 

So that's our brood.  Until we have kids, if we do, they are the most important things in our lives.  We love them and they love us and never cease to provide us with smiles and amusement. 

They will be mentioned in this blog from time to time, individually, or a couple at a time, but rest assured they'll be here. 

I hope all my new friends have a WONDERFUL time at BlogHer.  I'll be here.  Hanging with my animals. 

Always the zookeeper...  Hamlet's Mistress


txtingmrdarcy said...

Oh.... I am so jealous of your many furbabies! I'm working on Army Boy to get one of our own now. I'm almost at the point of asking for help from the Interwebs. He couldn't say no to that!

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Awesome - great pics!

We have two dogs, a Havanese and a Beagle, I am campaigning to get number three. No kids, just more canines!

hamletsmistress said...

I would totally help on that campaign!!!

hamletsmistress said...

What is it with me adding and leaving out random letters? Geez!

hamletsmistress said...

Hopefully we'll get with the program one the kid thing in a couple years, but until the... it's the four legged variety of kids for us!

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