What I did today while not at blogher10

1.  Went to Workher10

2.  Picked my husband up from work because I'd taken a session on carpooling at livingonabudgether3

3.  Had dinner.

4.  Frantically cleaned up the house after attending a crash course session of The Inlaws Are Dropping Over Unexpectedly After You've Been Out of the House for 13 Hours a Day for the Last Five Days.

5.  Watched part of the Phillies game...  it was tied 1 - 1.

6.  Spent an hour with the inlaws who did not come in, rendering $4 pointless.

7.  Started watching the game again.  It was now 2 - 1 with the Phillies losing.

8.  Discovered Homeher10 and decided to attend.  Spent 2 hours attending the conference while cheering the Phils to an exciting 7 - 5 victory.

9.  Realized I felt like crap and it was time to go to bed.

Living the glamorous life....  Hamlet's Mistress


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