I'm with the band...

I have something I'm SO excited about!!

I joined up with Band Back Together in an actual working capacity. The Band meant so much to me when I posted there about my grandfather's suicide a little over 3 months ago. It's creator, Aunt Becky, who is one of my blogging heroes, by the way, asked me if I'd like to join up. Um, yes please? And so I did.

I find I'm so excited about this I can barely stand myself and it's only been 3 days and my husband already is starting to sigh when I mention the band. I may have been talking about it incessantly over the past 36 hours... maybe.

And it's so crazy, but now I talk to Aunt Becky like almost every day. It's amazing. And she's just as lovely as I thought she was.

If you haven't been over to The Band yet, you so need to check it out. Many of you, like me, may just see it as a place were amazing people have overcome extraordinary circumstances. Like me, it may even make you feel grateful that you have nothing to write. And then, like me, out of nowhere, one day you might. And when you do? The Band will be there for you, too.

It's an extraordinary place and I could not be more honored to be a part of it.


The Resident Bitch said...

I JUST posted about the band, haha!

I love it over there and I have to say lady you are one HELL of a band mate. I love you and your amazing blog.

So yeah ... just know you're SO with the Band.

Txtingmrdarcy said...

Woo hoo!! That is the best news, EVER. Cool women like you and Aunt Becky just MUST be friends. :)

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