Unbeknowst to my dear reader, Cynthia...   she was my 300th comment yesterday!

Tell her what she's won, Bob Barker!!!

Bob Barker**:   A new car!!!

Um, no, Bob...  not quite.

Bob Barker:  Well, shit, I still make good money saying that! Haven't you seen the State Farm commercial?

Maybe with your good money YOU can buy Cynthia the new car.

Bob Barker:  Who?

Forget it.   I'll take it from here.

Bob Barker:   Sounds good ....  on to the Showcase Showdown!

Just. Wow.  Ok.

So Cynthia...  let's have us a little sit-down so we can chat.

First, thank you for reading.   I big puffy red hearts love you for it.   Secondly, thank you for commenting because every comment makes me do a happy dance that looks a LOT like my I have to pee dance, but it comes from a different place emotionally...  I promise.   Thirdly, you haz won prizezzzzz!    (Actually just one prize, but I thought that sounded more fun.)

You have a choice of a $30 eGiftCard to...

1. Sephora
2. Sock Dreams
3. Amazon

So tell me!! Tell me!! What do you choose??? Because HUZZAH to you!!!

*The Cynthia in question would be the Cynthia who left a comment for me yesterday on my Gordon Ramsay post. If you are not that Cynthia, this post does not pertain to you. You did not win an eGiftCard and you most definitely did not win a new car. Also, if you didn't get an email from me? You're not the Cynthia I'm looking for. If you WANTED to win any of those things (minus the new car) you should have commented on my post. But you didn't, so Cynthia, meaning the non-winning Cynthia's of the world... I'm sorry. It's just not your day.

**Celebrity representation.. though deadly accurate... fake.


Spot said...

Oh my! That was hilarious. And slightly insane. But I do like that in a person. I hope Cynthia is very happy with her egiftcard.

Btw, Bob is really looking old these days, isn't he? Poor Bob.


cynthia said...

WOW!! This is so awesome! I have only, literally, started commenting at all in the past...oh however long it has been since I left you the first one on your movie line game! :-) That was my first comment ever, on any blog!

I can't believe I'm the title of your post! I am so honored and I'd like to thank the academy... or, wait... I guess just myself. Oh and YOU! For writing and linking and giving prizes and being interesting. thanks!!! :-)

(I DID get an email from you so I think I AM the Cynthia you are looking for.) Although SockDreams sounds interesting I am going to choose.... Amazon!! yay for Kindle books! thx again! you rock!!

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