Gordon Ramsay, what have you done??

Dear Mr. Chef Ramsay,

My husband's new obsession is your show, Kitchen Nightmares.  We DVR every episode.  Seriously... every single episode.  New, old, Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares... all of 'em.  We'll go to bed at night with like 6 left in the DVR and we'll come home from work the next day and there'll be 17.  Apparently your show is on somewhere most hours of the day. But of course, you probably know that.

My husband and I used to go out to eat...  a lot.  We enjoyed it very much.  It was always a nice, pleasant time.   Now, at dinner out I hear things like this:

  • The basil is over-cooked and bitter.

  • The Marsala sauce is too thin.  They should have reduced it.

  • There aren't any pine nuts in this pesto.

Yes, going out to eat used to be fun.  Now it's laden with criticisms, critiques and thoughtful pondering expressions while he tries to figure out both what is IN what he's eating and what would be better.

And he cooks now.  About 4 nights a week we have dinner at home.   Lemon chicken salad, barbecue chicken, veal parmesan,  homemade pizza from scratch.  Dough from scratch...  sauce from scratch.  Oh and Italian wedding soup... which was lovely.   It all is.  It's fabulously delicious.  He's really good.  Really. Good.

You've created a monster that has made going out to eat a nightmare and eating at home a delight.

You've created a chef.

Thank you.

Your biggest fan's wife,



cynthia said...

score! :-) not so much on the complaining but the being cooked for!!

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