Ten things that will make your life better...

1.  At least once a day greet someone with the classic Jerry Seinfeld greeting... "Heeelllllllllo"  And if you can't hear it in your head, climb out from under the rock where you live and join the rest of us.

2.  When exiting to go somewhere, announce where you are going and then make the sound that was on the old Batman show after "To the Batcave!"  Do-dood-a-lee-doo!   "I'm going to lunch  Do-Dood-A-Lee-Do!"

3.  Quote Friends as often as possible...  because, obviously.

4.  Watch 1 episode of Family Guy a day...  just to ensure you laugh a little each day.

5.  Learn football and baseball.  If you learn them...  you learn to love them...  if you love them, you'll never have nothing to say in a group.   And for the love of God, root for your local team.

6.  Memorize The Princess Bride.  This will serve you well....  I promise.

7.  Pick some topic.  Any.  Learn everything you can about it.  Inside and out.  Then you're not just you...  you're the person that knows a butt-ton about (insert topic here).  This is especially effective if it's something unusual, but interesting.

8.  Learn to cook something fantastically well.  For the same reason above except with the food.  And unusual and tasty as opposed to interesting.

9.  Keep a clutter free home...  life...  desk... car.   It's liberating.

10.  Make something with your hands.  Pick something and either teach yourself or take a class.   Make things that stay.  It does the heart good.




dawn said...

Great Blog! I am your newest email subscriber from the Monday Hops! So glad I found you! :)

txtingmrdarcy said...

"Have fun storming the castle!!"

A guy I work with says this almost on a daily basis, and it NEVER fails to make me smile.

Oh, and puppy? Totally going to be named Wesley. :)

Amy said...

HAHAHA! That's great. I like that guy.

Wesley!! Love it!!! When do you get him?? I'm ready for some TxtingMrDarcy family photos!!


Txtingmrdarcy said...

A week from Friday.... we're soooo excited. And will probably pose for cheesy pics in front of the Christmas tree.

His AKC name is going to be the best though- Cliffhanger Harmony's As You Wish.

Yeaaaaaah. ;) I may have found my calling naming show dogs.

This Week in Bitchery | The Bitch Blog said...

[...] Mistress’s Ten things That Will Make Your Life Better . . . is just what it sounds like. (Ignore the Friends one though. That was a terrible [...]

cynthia said...

seriously....? Sound of Music, Elizabeth, and now this?
we should totally be internet BFFs.
(yes, i am going backwards on your blog, sometimes i only get a few mins a day at work to click around blogland!!)

-We watch AT LEAST one Family Guy a day, generally 2. And my boyfriend and I can pretty much quote every one.
-Also...I LOVE baseball!! (not so much football but whatevs)
-Princess Bride...anybody want a peanut? nuff said.
-I like to think I become an expert on everything I read about, at least I am able to tell my boyfriend "I read that in a book" at least once each night during Jeopardy.
-I'm a clutter monger, and I pretty much never cook...but hey if we were exactly the same we would bore each other. :-)

Amy said...

Can I completely blow your mind with something???

1. My home is NOT clutter free. In the least. It's clutter-free about once every three months. THAT'S how I know it's liberating and THAT'S how I know it would make someone's life better. Because it does mine... for about a week.

2. I don't cook. Anything. My husband cooks. As you know from your prize winning comment yesterday. I just know that if I had one or two things that I made that were like knock-out... I'd never have to fret over like dinner parties or picnics about what to bring.

So yeah, scary, right?? The two things you thought we didn't have in common...

Amy said...

Oh and I'm sorry in advance for all the time I spent trying to reinvent my blog. And for the bogus promise of monthly prizes. Hmmm... maybe I should take that post down....

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