Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains...

Yes, that's right.  Oklahoma.  I've been here since Sunday.  I'm leaving tomorrow.  Heading to Texas to see my friend and her 8 day old baby and then heading home.  We'll be home Saturday.

We didn't rent a car for this trip.  We took our own.  What?  You're surprised we drove?  From Pennsylvania?  I have a husband who doesn't fly.  We drive...  everywhere.  Oklahoma>  21.5 hours.  It was...  fun.

But my point is, normally we rent a car, but since my husband was needing to come here to pick up stuff for his DeLorean conversion to a Back to the Future II car, we took our wagon.  Thereby giving us no satellite radio.  We never rent a car without satellite radio.  Given the sheer length of trips we take, it's an absolute necessity.  But not this time.  Not on our longest drive ever.   We are also not iPod people.  Or CD people for that matter...  so the region by region hunt for radio stations was on.

So here we go...  the run-down.

From Southeastern PA to the Western border...  there was always a classic rock station to be found...  our genre of choice.  So PA?  Score.

West Virginia...  we were in you for roughly 20 minutes...  you get a pass since we only had to drive through your left pointy part near the top.

Ohio... we were on bad terms immediately given the fact that we drove through a BLIZZARD not more than 5 minutes into your blasted state.  And then?  The radio station horror was not to be borne.

Indiana...  my ex lives in Indiana.  You therefore have no redeeming value whatsoever.  But you do have a good classic rock station or two.

Illinois...  my husband insists on pronouncing you as you are spelled.  Supremely annoying.  And your radio selection isn't much better.  And the flatness.  Oh the flatness.  Could I get even a small mountain...  a hill?  A mound for the love of everything holy???

Missouri...  darkness had fallen by the time we hit your border and then drove halfway across you before stopping for the night in Springfield.  Radio station status?  A-ok with me and?  Great signal strength.  The stations we found had awesome staying power.

Oklahoma...  Between your weird turnpike with its refunds and the odd and obscure ways your drivers manage to have accidents and the road patching...  oh the road patching.  Radio stations were your only means to redemption...  and yet?  Out of approximately 40 stations around the Tulsa and OK City areas???  39 were country and 1 was Spanish...  and?  I think?  Also country.

So tomorrow we head to TX and then back home via a completely different route and one we've done before once we get to the northeast corner of Tennessee.  So that report will be forth-coming.

But yeah...  as it stands...  I've never been more convinced...  there's no place like home.

Plus?  I miss my animals.   Tons.



Also...  happy birthday to Miss Maddie Spohr.  You are not forgotten and you are forever cherished by those who knew you and loved you best and by those who love you via this box we sit in front of.  But it's all love and it keeps you with us.  So happy birthday, little girl, you are sorely missed.


jaynecrammond said...

It always blows my mind that your states are as big as a country (I looked it up, The UK is 243km², which makes our entire island, comprised of 3 countries, about the size of Michigan, which is still only your 11th largest state!).

Can you tell that I'm procrastinating? It's pissing down with rain and I have to take my daughter to her music group :-/

Amy said...

I know, right? That was never more apparent then when I went to Europe when I was 17 and in two and a half weeks we did a round trip driving tour of 7 countries. Whole countries. And I've only been to England in the UK but even still, to go from the south end to the north end only took a few hours. To drive across my whole state of Pennsylvania takes about 5.

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