Orlando bound in 2012!!

My husband gave me the news last night that the Delorean car show in 2012 is being held in Orlando.  ORLANDO!!!  And it's PERFECT timing.  My husband has never been there.  He's never gotten to hold Micky's hand or be twirled by Cinderella or get hugged by Chip and/or Dale.  And he needs to, ya'll.  He NEEDS to.  Never mind that in June of 2012 he'll be a month shy of 33.  And I'll be 34 and 1 month by then  (Gasp!) he NEEDS to before the world ends 6 months later... see?  Perfect timing.  I am determined to make sure we can afford to do it and therefore, starting in January of 2011 I will be saving $200 a month to pay for everything we will need.  That adds up to...  17 months at $200 a month...  $3400.  Ok, so that might not be totally enough, but I also get a substantial bonus in April and maybe, unless I find a better job or shoot myself in the head because I'm still at my current job, the NEXT April as well.  They usually are about $2400 after taxes.  And that???  Yeah, that's enough for two people to do whatever they darn well please in Orlando.  ORLANDO!!  Short of taking the heads off of one of the dressed up characters and traumatizing all kids under the age of 8 within a 50 yard radius.  THAT I don't think we'd be allowed to do.  Although it's totally a sadist dream of mine to do so.   Hmmmm....  maybe I shouldn't want kids so badly.

At any rate, along with the goal of having enough money to pay for the whole trip and taking the head off a dressed up character...  I also want to be able to go and walk around and see everything without having to stop all the time because my back and/or calves and/or knees and/or ankles hurt.   So yeah, that means I'm not going to be fat by then, either.   Which this actually might be attainable since I'm not going to have any extra money to buy, you know, food.  So I'm thinking two birds with one stone here.  Awesome!!

I'm already so excited about it.  And yes, we own a Delorean.  My husband is converting it to a Back to the Future II car.  Which, in and of itself is pretty badass.


[caption id="attachment_390" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="MICKEY!!!!!"][/caption]


We're going to go see Mickey!!  In Orlando.  ORLANDO!!!!!




Spot said...

Weight loss + trip to Orlando = HUGE WIN!!

Yay for you guys!!


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