Road Trip - Last Leg

We left Dallas on Thursday and started the trek to Arkansas to see one more person on our 3 visitation trip. 

Arkansas - You are beautiful.  We enjoyed you immensely.  Especially me as I did most of the driving that day.  But you do lend yourself to some odd dreams.  We woke up Friday morning in Harrison, AR and had the following conversation:

Husband:  I had some WEIRD dreams last night. 
Me:  Me, too!  I was chasing a serial killer all night. 
Husband:  I dreamt about these huge tall bridges and they were SO high and then they would just end and people were trying to turn around and there were 18 wheelers just stuck there.
Me:  The serial killer in my dream was Steve Carrell. 
Husband:  *blink*
Me:  I win.

So all day yesterday we drove... I drove...  and drove.   We finally decided to stop for dinner after hours upon hours.  In...   Indiana.   We ate and my husband took over driving.  It was about 10:15pm when we got back on the road.  We were intent on going another hour and a half and then stopping for the night.  And to that I have this to say:

Indiana - If you had no redeeming value to me before? Now, we are no longer on speaking terms again... ever. You see, we got on the road at 10:15pm. Approximately 4 minutes later, we stopped moving. Completely. Within 10 minutes all the truckers started turning their lights out because, you know, they KNOW. So we sat there... in Butt Crack Nowhere, Indiana. For an HOUR AND FORTY-FIVE MINUTES. And I hold you responsible for this, Indiana. Personally... or state-atorily responsible. Yes, the gentleman who crashed his 18 wheeler into a construction site is ULTIMATELY responsible. But I hold you responsible for his accident so the blame still lands squarely on your shoulders. Luckily for you I do not believe anyone was killed. The road wasn't closed nearly long enough for that to have been the case.
So at any rate... suck it, Indiana. I hate you.

Anyway... we are home.

*Just so I don't seem completely heartless....  we did check.  The driver ofthe truck was not seriously injured and the construction zone was not active at the time. *


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