When you're there I sleep lengthwise...

Our dogs have their own crates they sleep in at night.  They HAVE their own crates.  They refuse to USE their own crates.  They both cry until all hours of the night if we have them go to separate crates at night.  We eventually gave up the idea of them having separate crates and now they share the larger of the two.  There's room for them both, but personally, I like to spread out.

Apparently when Morgan is not in the crate...  so does Wilma.

When Morgan's there Wilma sleeps lengthwise, but when she's gone Wilma sleeps diagonally in her bed.



[caption id="attachment_429" align="aligncenter" width="502" caption="Making the most of her space before Morgan comes to bed."][/caption]


And kudos to all those who get the song reference.  My hat's off to you.


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