A letter to Brett Farve -


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Dear Mr. Farve,

I have never been a Green Bay fan or a Minnesota fan, but I have watched your career from afar.  You were pretty hot back in the day and easy on the eyes, to be sure.  Thought your cameo in Something About Mary was great, by the way.  But I think I can easily say for myself and probably on behalf of many others...  the sun has set on your... time in the sun.  About two years ago.

I think the goal of every person, but especially those in the spotlight, is not to end up as a cartoon character.  The butt...  or penis... of jokes.  Unfortunately, you've already passed that point.  You're sadly, not even a joke now...  you're a cautionary tale.  A lesson in what not to do in the twilight of one's career.  It's actually quite sad and I feel bad for you.  Truly.

While we're on the subject of penises...  penii?  Namely, yours...  I just want to say that I don't hold that whole penisgate against you.  I'm sure some women do, but I don't.  Odds are that woman was thrilled to be given attention by THE Brett Farve and she didn't even want to come out with the story.  Some friend of hers who she told about it leaked the story.  So yeah, I can't actually find fault with her, either.  Maybe on her choice of friends...  but people change.  Friends change.  I've experienced it,  so who knows what happened there.  But I don't hold your penis pics against you.  Just so we're clear.

I do feel bad that you apparently feel so empty about your life off the field that you feel the only place for you is on the field.  I mean I guess we see why now.  The Farve marriage does not seem to be on the most solid ground.  I don't hold the penis pics against you...  but you sent them.  Clearly all isn't well in the Farve household.  There would have been other options though.  Look at one of your contemporaries.  Troy Aikman, he came out of the '89 draft and you came out of the '91 draft, and he got out at the right time.  Before he became as much of a shadow of his former self as you have become.  He went out respected and now has a great career as a color analyst for FOX.  Given the way you're going to go out...  I don't even know if that's even going to be an option for you at this point.

I know you got your bell rung again last night so you won't be playing my Eagles on Sunday.  But I have to say, even if you were...  I wouldn't be worried.  You're no one to be feared anymore.  You don't strike even an ounce of dread in your opponents anymore.  That is the sign that it's time to go.  If you don't make your opponent nervous, you've got nothing.  And that?  That was a season ago... at least.

So, I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you should just go... immediately... today.  You've got this concussion now.   So we're talking the last two regular season games you'll be out.  Don't go on injured reserve...  just go.  Go quietly.  For most of us, the ones that remember you in your full glory wearing the Green and Yellow...   you're already gone.



greg t said...

AMEN sister... Nicely said. I Especially like it when ladies talk about penises… penii??

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