Not quite a post...


So I was going to post tonight about LeBron hate and Heat Hate and how it's ridiculous and how I hope they win.  How I feel bad for LeBron that the masses seem to be holding on stupid decision (The Decision, to be exact) against him.  He had every right to leave Cleveland and most sane people should understand that.  I mean, the Cleveland fans don't, but I get that.  I understand fanhood and that they now are obligated to hate him forever.  But everone else?  Get over it.  Yeah, the WAY he left Cleveland...  very poorly handled.   But how people are equating that to him being a bad player...  and the HATE?  I just don't get it.  I mean other than the grand show he had last night where he was less King James and more the king of just standing there...  he's phenomenal.  If he continues on this path...  again aside from last night...  he will be the best player we've seen...  ever.   And aside from that asinine hour he spent on ESPN that one night...  he's a decent person.   You know what?  I like him.  You know what?  I like the Heat.  You know what?  I hope they win.  And lastly, you know what?  I hope they do it in grand style winning the next two and LeBron having 35 point nights.  Yeah, that's right you Heat Haters and you LeBron Haters.  In your face.

Hey look at that.  I guess I do have a post.  With a picture and everything.

Good night.   And yes, tonight was infinitely better than last night.  No one puked...  no one got attacked...  no one got diarrhead on....  and the Phillies won.  It was a good night.


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