Stupidity runs amok... more specifically MY stupidity.

So here's what I had planned to do today on Day 1 of my 4 day weekend"

- Shower
- Sort the Avon order and contact my clients to arrange delivery.
- Spend about an hour with just me and my idea book and brainstorm book ideas.
- Put in a movie and get on the Gazelle for about an hour.
- Shower again, because, obviously.
- Tidy up a little
- Watch a little TV
- Write a post
- Go pick my husband up at work.  

What from the list I've actually accomplished at almost 1pm. 

- Shower

What I've accomplished that WASN'T on the list

- Left my brain in bed sleeping, apparently.
- Answer the door to a sales guy - supposed sales guy 
- Watch his little demo of his magic cleaning stuff to take off paint, brake dust and some sort of something off our porch banister. 
- Stupidly say my husband wasn't home.
- Panic because I just told a total stranger that my husband wasn't home.
- Call the police to tell them that I'm an idiot and am now nervous because some stranger knows my husband isn't home.
- Call my husband to tell him he married said idiot.  
- Obsessively go out front and out back repeatedly to make sure no one is sneaking up on my house to break in/kill me/rape me/murder me/kill my animals.

And oh, I did wrote a blog post.  


Spot said...

You did wrote it? LMAO. Oh lord girl! I'm so glad you managed to get the blog post in because it gave me the best giggle of the morning.

I never ever worry about being raped/killed/assaulted/ect. I probably should, but it just never enters my mind. I'm always too worried about seeing a ghost or the boogeyman in my closet.

This post is why I ♥ you.


Hamlet's Mistress said...

Oh, Spot. Now that you commented on my typo, I can't fix it our your comment will make no sense . See how selfless I am? I would rather give the blogosphere more evidence of my idiocy than have your comment make no sense.

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