Help Me Help Others

In honor of what is traditionally the month of breast cancer awareness, I have made a decision to raise money for The American Cancer Society.

There are cancers out there that affect more women than breast cancer does and it's time to bring them out of the dark and give them some awareness as well.  

Like colorectal cancer, non-melanoma skin cancer and lung and bronchus cancer.  There are no awareness months for those types of cancers though colorectal cancer kills almost as many women as breast cancer and lung and bronchus cancer kills more.

As most of you know by now, I sell Avon, and though I personally am committed to a goal of $200 by October 31st.

I am donating 30% of my profits from online sales for the month of October to the ACS.  I put in a regular priced order myself as well and am obviously donating 100% of the profit from my personal order.

You can help by going to my Avon store and shopping!  Tomorrow starts the beginning of Avon's Holiday Gift season!  There's no better time!

Please.  And thank you.


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