I know I haven't been here and there have been a couple reasons for that, but the biggest reason and the cause of my announcement is....  I've launched a business!!!!!   I am SO EXCITED about it and I want to just tell everyone I come across about it.  After I say what it is....  keep reading.   I'm an AVON LADY!!  And I'm so excited about it.  This is NOT your mother's Avon. The stuff is SO nice and yet, priced so reasonably.  About a decade ago I was a rep for that "other" company that, although they have great products, you have to take out a loan to finance your purchases.  (Read:  Expensive).

The big announcement is that my website is OPEN FOR BUSINESS as of TODAY!!  You can order online and your items will be shipped direct to you.  Orders over $30 have FREE shipping.  It is worth your time to take a look.

There are reviews for the products written by both Avon reps and customers.  Mostly customers.  I've found them profoundly helpful, particularly on the fragrances.  Fergie's Outspoken is my scent of the moment.  I love it!!   I've heard wonderful things about Chic in Black as well.

There is pretty jewelry, cute shoes and even some clothing along with their award winning Anew skin care line from age 30+ to 60+ and their color cosmetics line - AVON Color.  The ever popular Skin So Soft line had been expanded as well.     Like I said...  worth a look.

So please head on over to my online store.  Visit once, visit often.   I loves you all and would really appreciate you all.  Whether you but or not.  My love is not conditional.  :)


Spot said...

I love avon stuff! I will be shopping your page frequently. Hope it all goes well for you!


Amy said...

That's awesome!!! Thank you!!

txtingmrdarcy said...

Congrats! :) I've fallen in love with Magix, now I know a good place to buy it! You're right- it's NOT your mom's Avon. The eyeshadow palettes are such a great deal too, especially for someone with makeup A.D.D.... not that I know anyone like that.

Amy said...

That's fantastic, Brooke! The Magix Face Prefector is on sale now, too!.. Thanks, Love. :) And I hear you on the makeup ADD.... right there with you. I do predict making no money with this because of my own purchasing habits... I'll need to set a limit, I think...

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